Cobalt-n-Gold Hypericum: A Hypericum Kalmianum Rock Star Plant

If you’re looking for the next versatile showstopper to add to your garden, look no further than Cobalt-n-Gold Hypericum!

This Rock Star Plant is perfect for border plantings and attracting pollinators into the garden. Cobalt-n-Gold thrives in full sun and well-drained soil and is adaptable in many parts of the country.

Multi-Season Interest

Cobalt-n-Gold boasts blue-silver foliage and sunny yellow flowers in late spring and early summer. In fall, the leaves transform to yellow, orange, and red and reveal an attractive exfoliating bark.

Deer Resistant

As a bonus, Cobalt-n-Gold is deer-resistant and deters critters from crunching on your plants. Head to our blog on gardening with deer-resistant plants to learn more.

Drought + Full Sun Tolerant

To add a cherry on top of its beauty, Cobalt-n-Gold thrives in drought-like conditions and can be planted in full sun. This Rock Star is ready to be planted in your sunny garden! Learn more about gardening with full sun plants and drought-tolerant plants.


The pretty yellow flowers on this Rock Star attract pollinators left and right! Keep an eye out from late spring through early summer for any butterfly visitors.

Landscaping with Cobalt-n-Gold

Border Planting

Thanks to its mounded shape, Cobalt-n-Gold makes for a perfect low hedge or border planting. Line a walkway or the edge of a garden with Cobalt-n-Gold for a stunning effect.

Add Texture

The unique leaf pattern and shape on this Rock Star give it great texture that adds some fun and color to the landscape. Learn more from our landscape design tips blog.

Best Buds: Plant Pairings for Cobalt-n-Gold

If you’re planning on adding Cobalt-n-Gold to your landscape, but aren’t sure what to pair with it, we’ve got you covered! Here’s an example of a Best Bud plant pairing that features all native plants.

Cobalt-n-Gold Hypericum + Iceberg Alley® Sageleaf Willow + Bubblegum Phlox

The finely textured foliage and yellow flowers of Cobalt-n-Gold complement the wider silver leaf of Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow and Bubblegum Phlox adds stunning accent color to the wholly native species garden planting. Find the perfect matches for your Cobalt-n-Gold with our handy Best Buds Guide!


Planting: This Rock Star thrives when planted in full sun. To ensure you are planting your Cobalt-n-Gold correctly, check out our planting blog.

Watering: Cobalt-n-Gold prefers soil that is kept evenly moist. Be sure to watch our video on watering for the best tips and tricks to keep Cobalt-n-Gold hydrated all season long.

Fertilizing: Cobalt-n-Gold won’t need much fertilizer its growth, but if you want to apply, be sure to use a granular, well balanced, slow-release fertilizer. Apply once in spring when you see green leafy new growth and be sure to follow the directions on the package. To learn more, watch our video on how to fertilize in spring.

Pruning: Cobalt-n-Gold won’t require much pruning, if any, thanks to its natural mounded shape. However, if shaping is needed, wait until after it is done blooming to remove any dead or crossing branches and trim as needed.


Height: 2-3’
Width: 4-5’
Exposure: Full Sun
Hardiness Zone: 4-7
Heat Zone: 7
Shape: Mounded
Flower Color: Yellow
Foliage: Green
Fall Foliage: Orange

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