The Ultimate Guide to
Mother's Day Plants

Mother’s Day is coming up and we’ve got the gifts you need to make the day special for all the moms in your life!

Shrubs and trees make for an excellent way to show your appreciation for your loved ones. There are so many plants in the First Editions® collection to fit any garden need your mother may have.

We’ve put together a guide to common landscape needs and our favorite ways to solve them. Let’s jump in!

Rock Star Plants

Browsing through our Rock Star Plants is an excellent way to shop the First Editions® collection, especially if it’s your first-time buying shrubs or trees from us! Our Rock Stars have proven their reliability in the landscape and there is sure to be the perfect shrub for your mom.

Check out our complete guide to Rock Star Plants for all the details on each. For more specific information, you can browse through the warm climate and cool climate Rock Star plant guides.

Shrubs for Containers

Planting shrubs in containers is a fantastic way to liven up areas of your space that may not have a garden close by. Containers are also great if you live in a home with a smaller yard, or an apartment with a balcony. There are so many great plants perfect for a decorative pot in the First Editions® collection. Check out our container planting guide to learn more.

Gardening in Dark Mode

If your mom is looking to bring some unexpected drama to the landscape, look no further than Eclipse® Bigleaf Hydrangea! This revolutionary hydrangea is the first on the market with dark leaves that stay dark season after season. Learn more about gardening in dark mode to get even more inspiration.

Plants that have Winter Interest

This may not be top of mind when shopping for plants in the spring, but selecting varieties that also give the landscape interest or pops of color throughout those drearier months is an excellent thing to think about!

Plants like Neon Burst Dogwood, Tianshen® Seven-Son Flower, and Wildfire Winterberry all bring showstopping impact to the winter landscape. Check out our blog for even more winter planting inspiration.

Spring Blooming Plants

Having some shrubs in your yard that start to bloom as soon as the snow melts is such a fun way to welcome the spring season. Give your mom Lotus Moon Pearlbush, Virtual Violet® Lilac, or Ruby Tears Crabapple tree for some serious spring bloom power! Our blog on spring blooming shrubs and trees has even more options for you to choose from.

You can shop the First Editions® collection online during our shipping season and also use our Find a Retailer tool to locate First Editions® shrubs at garden centers near you. Remember to tag us on social if you plant one of these shrubs and sign up for our newsletter for monthly inspiration, tips, and more delivered right to your inbox.