Meet the 2024 New Varieties

We’re gearing up for another fantastic year of gardening! The plants joining the First Editions® collection for 2024 are Queen Bee® Chasetree, Lucky Leu® Leucothoe, Honeycomb® Ninebark, and Eclipse® Bigleaf Hydrangea.

Each of these plants has gone through rigorous trialing and testing across different types of landscapes to ensure you get the best possible plant for your garden. Check out the 2024 plant introductions below for plant details, care tips, and exciting ways to feature them in your landscape.


The Queen B:
Queen Bee® Chastetree (Zones 6-9)

The long-lasting blooms and impressive flower power make Queen Bee® a true standout in the garden. The vibrant lavender flowers attract tons of pollinators and begin their bloom in mid-June, reblooming throughout the season for ultimate interest. The flowers carry a strong fragrance and are also great for cut flower arrangements.

Ideal Growing Conditions: This shrub has impressive drought and cold tolerance, while also thriving in full sun, making it a hardy addition to any space for gardeners in Zones 6-9. Queen Bee® prefers soil that is kept evenly moist, so check out our blog on watering for all the tips and tricks.

Landscaping Ideas: Queen Bee® matures at 5-6 feet tall and 7-9 feet wide with a rounded shape, so if you’re looking to add more privacy to your space or to add an element of whimsy, Queen Bee® is a great option for planting hedges and screens. Thanks to its size and beautiful blooms, it also makes a great focal point in any space, adding structure and beauty to your landscape.

Best Bud Plant Pairings: Need plant pairing inspiration for Queen Bee®? You can’t go wrong with Vanilla Brandy Abelia, Vintage Jade Distylium, or Crimson Fire Fringe Flower.

Visit Queen Bee® Chastetree’s plant page to learn even more or to purchase your own.


Lucky Duck:
Lucky Leu® Leucothoe (Zones 6-9)

This low-maintenance shrub is perfect for beginner gardeners and those looking to add an easy-care piece of beauty to their space. This North American native boasts peach-orange new growth that is accented by small white flowers in spring, before the leaves turn medium green.

Ideal Growing Conditions: Lucky Leu® thrives in both sun and part shade, making it perfect for almost every area of your space. It is meant for warm climate gardens, and is hardy from Zones 6-9.

Landscape Inspiration: Lucky Leu® grows to a mature size of 3-5 feet tall and wide and keeps it shape with little to no pruning, making it the perfect shrub for a border planting or low hedge. The habit naturally has a round, ball quality, great for those who don’t want to prune all the time.

Best Bud Plant Pairings: Plant pairing with Lucky Leu® is a breeze! We love pairing it with Fiber Optics® Buttonbush, BananAppeal® Small Anise Tree, and Jetstream Oakleaf Hydrangea.

Visit Lucky Leu® Leucothoe’s plant page to learn even more or to purchase your own.


Sweeter than Honey:
Honeycomb® Ninebark (Zones 3-7)

Want to make a statement in the garden this year? Look no further than Honeycomb® Ninebark! The strikingly large, vibrant, chartreuse leaves that hold their color all season long, even in full sun, are sure to add multi-season interest and flair to your space. In the spring, white flowers provide lovely contrast to the leaves, and in the fall, gold leaves provide stunning fall interest.

Ideal Growing Conditions: Honeycomb® is a hardy plant that thrives in part shade to full sun, across Zones 3-7. It can handle shade, but to enjoy the best stunning yellow colors make sure the plant gets at least 3 to 6 hours of sun a day. Although it prefers soil that is kept evenly moist, it has amazing drought tolerance, making it a great and low maintenance option.

Landscape Inspiration: Honeycomb® matures at 4-6 feet tall and 5-7 feet wide, it makes for a beautiful hedge or color block along a fence line. The striking color is sure to make an impact in your space, bringing multi-season interest and structure to your landscape.

Best Buds Plant Pairings: Looking for plant pairing inspiration for Honeycomb®? Try Eclipse® Bigleaf Hydrangea, Shining Sensation Weigela, or Spicy Devil® Ninebark.

Visit Honeycomb® Ninebark’s plant page to learn even more or to purchase your own.


Total Eclipse of the Yard:
Eclipse® Bigleaf Hydrangea

Eclipse® is the first true dark-leaf mophead hydrangea on the market. This hydrangea offers season-long beauty with intense, dark purple leaves that hold their color – even in warm climates! This striking foliage pairs beautifully with the bright cranberry or amethyst blooms, depending on the soil pH that Eclipse® is planted in.

Ideal Growing Conditions: In Zones 5-9, Eclipse® thrives when planted in part shade, receiving around 3-6 hours of sunlight per day. It prefers soil that is kept evenly or highly moisturized and has been mulched with wood. It will not be able to thrive in dry soil. Good snow cover on the stems in the winter will help the fall buds survive throughout the winter season. For more planting and care tips check out our blog all about Eclipse®.

Landscape Inspiration: Thanks to its mature size of 3-5 feet tall and wide and its mounded shape, Eclipse® is sure to stun as a focal point or in a container to add a pop of color to your patio. Check out our blog on Eclipse® for more landscape tips and plant pairing options.

Best Buds Plant Pairings: Need plant pairing inspiration for Eclipse®? You can’t go wrong with Parkland Pillar® Birch, Cobalt-n-Gold Hypericum, Tiger Eyes® Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac, Double Mint Gardenia, Cinnamon Girl® Distylium, Centennial Blush Star Magnolia, Fiber Optics® Buttonbush, or Little Spark® Spirea.

Visit Eclipse® Bigleaf Hydrangea’s plant page to learn even more or to order your own.

In addition to ordering these plants online, you can also use our Find a Retailer tool to locate First Editions® plants at garden centers near you. We can’t wait for you to try these 2024 plant introductions in your own garden this year! Remember to tag us on social @firsteditionsshrubstrees if you plant one of these shrubs and sign up for our newsletter for monthly inspiration, tips, and more delivered right to your inbox.