Spring Blooming Shrubs & Trees

Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate than by adding some blooming beauties to your garden? Get ready to transform your outdoor space into a fragrant, colorful paradise with these top 10 spring-blooming shrubs and trees from the First Editions® collection.


There are three gorgeous lilacs in the First Editions® collection: Virtual Violet®, Pinktini, and Little Lady. These classic charmers come in a rainbow of colors, from deep purple to delicate white and pink. They’re famous for their intoxicating scent, filling the air with a sweetness that’ll have your neighbors peeking over the fence (in a good way, of course!).

Centennial Blush Star Magnolia

Centennial Blush Star Magnolia provides a fantastic floral display of fragrant, delicate pink flowers covering the entire plant in spring. Green leaves on an interesting branching structure follows in summer which eventually turn shades of yellow and bronze in autumn. Well-adapted to a variety of soils, Centennial Blush can be grown as a large shrub or a small tree and is perfectly suited for small urban gardens.

Lotus Moon Pearlbush

Lotus Moon Pearlbush is a profuse spring bloomer that is covered in white round flower buds resembling a string of pearls. The buds open to clear white blooms that completely cover the plant in April and May, attracting early butterflies. Lotus Moon has bright green foliage on compact, upright, mounded plants.


These vibrant shrubs are like living bouquets, bursting with blooms in every shade imaginable! Plus, they’re relatively easy to care for, making them perfect for gardening newbies. There are two azaleas to choose from in the First Editions® collection: Electric Lights Double Pink Azalea and Electric Lights Red Azalea. Both are absolutely stunning floral shrubs that are sure to bring gorgeous interest to your space.


These versatile shrubs are a popular choice for gardeners in cool and moderate climates, but don’t underestimate the springtime magic! Ninebarks boast delicate white flowers that beautifully complement the colorful foliage. There are plenty to choose from in the First Editions® family, so take your pick!


We all know and love dogwoods for their vibrant winter stems, but did you know they also put on a spectacular show in spring? Their white flowers, often accompanied by colorful bracts, are a true delight. First Editions® has three dogwoods that are all ready to absolutely stun in your space: Neon Burst Dogwood, Cayenne Dogwood, and Firedance Dogwood are all shrubs that bring multi-season interest to your space throughout the entire year.

Standing Ovation Serviceberry

Standing Ovation welcomes spring with loads of white flowers that often age to edible berries in June. As the season continues, its dark green leaves put on a show, changing to shades of red and orange in autumn. This upright, oval shrub offers year-round interest, adding height to the garden and nice structure during winter. The uniform habit makes Standing Ovation a great shrub for hedging and privacy plantings.

Crabapple Trees

These charming trees add a touch of whimsy and color to any landscape. Add these showstoppers to your space for a gorgeous early season display of pink flowers. We love Ruby Tears Crabapple for its cascading branches that add personality and texture to a garden and Gladiator Crabapple for its ability to fit in spaces that may be more of a tighter squeeze – ensuring every spot in your yard gets filled with beauty!

Iceberg Alley® Sage Leaf Willow

This shrub’s powdery, silver foliage adds unique texture and contrast, especially when combined with other plants. Iceberg Alley® reaches a height and spread of about 5’ (a bit shorter in very cold areas and a bit taller in warmer zones) forming an attractive upright and rounded shape that fits beautifully into the landscape.

It blooms in spring with silver catkins with red stamens, providing nectar for pollinators. Iceberg Alley® is tolerant of moist soils and a great choice for rain gardens. It grows best in full sun and tolerates pruning beautifully, so you can feature stems in cut flower arrangements throughout the seasons.

Snow White Mockorange

Snow White Mockorange is a repeat blooming, versatile shrub that presents pure white, deliciously fragrant flowers. A strong grower, the 2-inch double flowers are borne in clusters that bloom abundantly in spring and then again in summer.

These are just a few of the many amazing options to welcome spring with a flourish. With a little planning and planting, you can create a garden bursting with color and fragrance throughout the season.

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