Vintage Jade Distylium

Whether you’re a super-fan of Distylium or hearing about them for the first time today, First Editions® Vintage Jade Distylium is a #RockStarPlant you surely don’t want to miss. The versatility and ease of Vintage Jade are unparalleled, as is the ever-gorgeousness of this evergreen!

It’s Got The Looks

Vintage Jade is an evergreen, which means that the dark green leaves add a great pop of color to your space, no matter the season. Petite red flowers bloom in the winter, giving it some fantastic multi-season interest.

It’s Low Maintenance

There are quite a few marvelous things about Vintage Jade, but one of the best is that it’s easy to have in the garden. It’s disease-resistant, deer-resistant, drought-tolerant, and even thrives in wet soil. Talk about multitasking! Vintage Jade works hard, so you don’t have to.

This plant is rated for Zones 7-9 and does best in full sun to part shade. It will grow to a height of 3-4′ and a width of 4-5′ and doesn’t require much care throughout the year. As it thrives in many different soils, it’s an excellent choice for gardeners who want something low maintenance. It also doesn’t require pruning throughout the year. However, if you’re going to prune it for shape, do so in late winter after the flowers bloom. For more care tips for First Editions®, make sure to look over our Planting & Care page.

It’s Versatile

Easy plants are made even easier when they’re versatile. And Vintage Jade is just that! Whether used as a mass planting to bring large amounts of impact or as a container planting to spice up a specific area, Vintage Jade shines like no other.

Mass Plantings

The spreading shape and low maintenance of Vintage Jade make it a perfect choice for mass plantings. Mass planting is a design technique where you choose one variety and plant multiple together in one space. This not only simplifies care but provides a bold impact in your landscape. We absolutely love when Vintage Jade is used in mass plantings in a large open space like shown above, as a border to a pathway or garden, or as a hedge. Learn more about how to use mass plantings in your garden design, here.

Container Plantings

Vintage Jade also thrives as a container planting. The dark green leaves make it a sight to behold whether it’s used on your front entry, back patio, or as some moveable garden interest. Head to our article on using First Editions® in containers for tips on planting and care for container shrubs.

Planting Tip!

Plant your new Vintage Jade in a container and let it grow there for a few years. Then, transplant it into the landscape when it’s closer to full size. When that time comes, make sure to watch our video on how to transplant shrubs.


Get Planting!

Now that we’ve got you hooked on Vintage Jade Distylium, you’re probably asking where you can find one of your own. Head to our Find a Retailer tool to locate the garden center nearest to you!