#RockStarPlant - Berry White® Panicle Hydrangea

Are you looking for the next wow-factor plant to add to your garden? Look no further than this #RockStarPlant Berry White® Panicle Hydrangea! This gorgeous hydrangea is hardy from zones 3-8, making it a great addition to any landscape, especially cold climates.

Color Changing Wonder

Berry White’s® most eye-catching feature are the massive panicle blooms that start out white in July and slowly transition to an amazing dark pink color. The pink starts at the bottom of the bloom and climbs its way to the top, turning that stunning dark pink just in time for fall.

Go Big or Go Home

Berry White® matures to 6-7 feet wide, making it an excellent option for adding structure and privacy to any space.

Who Loves the Cold?

This hydrangea loves the cold! The color on Berry White® always stuns, but even more so in those colder climates with gradually decreasing evening temperatures.

Plant Details
  • Height: 6-7’
  • Width: 4-5’
  • Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-8
  • Heat Zone: 8
  • Shape: Upright
  • Flower Color: Dark Pink
  • Foliage: Green

Care Tips for Berry White® Panicle Hydrangea
  • Planting: To ensure you are planting your Berry White® correctly, check out our planting blog here.
  • Watering: Berry White® prefers a medium amount of watering but be sure to watch our video on watering for the best tips and tricks for keeping with its water needs here.
  • Fertilizing: Berry White® won’t need much fertilizer to kickstart those gorgeous blooms, but if you want to apply, be sure to use a granular, well balanced, slow-release fertilizer. Apply once in spring when you see green leafy new growth and be sure to follow the directions on the package. To learn more, watch our video on how to fertilize in spring.
Retail Therapy

Are you feeling like it’s time to grab your own Berry White®? Order yours online here or use our Find a Retailer tool to find it at a local garden center near you!