New Plants for 2023

Are you excited for another amazing year in the garden? The four new varieties joining the First Editions® collection in 2023 are just as excited to be along for the ride. Meet Spring Fling Forsythia, Spicy Devil® Ninebark, Lucky Devil® Ninebark, and Shadow Magic Crapemytle below and gather inspiration and tips on where you can plant them in your space.

Spring Fling Forsythia

Spring Fling Forshythia is a spring garden showstopper. In spring, it shines with bright yellow flowers that cover the shrub from top to bottom. And it’s deer resistant, so you can be sure that you’re the one enjoying those blooms and not your neighborhood deer. For a little added fun, prune some of the stems to feature in your springtime flower arrangements. In the summer, Spring Fling is covered in bright green leaves. Spring Fling is hardy for Zones 5-8, matures as 5-6 feet tall and wide, and thrives when planted in full sun. Plant a few Spring Fling along the border of your property or garden path to create a gorgeous spring hedge.

Spring Fling Forsythia yellow spring flowers

Spicy Devil® Ninebark

Spicy Devil® Ninebark provides unbeatable multi-season interest. In spring, Spicy Devil® has yellow leaves that contrast beautifully with whiteish-pink flowers. The leaves mature to vibrant reds and purples, and in the fall, dark purple leaves provide stunning fall views. Spicy Devil® is hardy for Zones 3-7, matures at 3-4 fall and wide, and thrives when planted in full sun. Plant a few Spicy Devil® along your foundation or at the border of your garden to create a multi-season shrub that’s sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Spicy Devil Ninebark red and orange leaves

Lucky Devil® Ninebark

Lucky Devil® Ninebark is the perfect shrub for those looking for something that wows in the spring and stuns in the fall. Lucky Devil® starts the spring off with bright yellow leaves that make a bold impact in the landscape. Spring blooming white flowers add even more early-season garden interest. In the fall, vibrant orange leaves capture the eye. Lucky Devil® is hardy for Zones 3-7, matures at 3-4 feet tall and wide, and thrives when planted in full sun. Use Lucky Devil® in your space as a seasonal focal point to help draw the eye in. Whether that’s at the end of a garden path or as a hedge along a fence line.

close up of yellow leaves on Lucky Devil Ninebark

Shadow Magic Crapemyrtle

Shadow Magic Crapemyrtle brings the drama to warm-climate gardens. Dark, glossy, disease-resistant leaves provide stunning views all season long. Dark pink flowers bloom in the summer and pop against the dark leaves. The flowers not only provide us with fantastic garden views, but butterflies with some of their favorite blooms to visit in the garden. Shadow Magic is hardy for Zones 7-9, matures at 7-9 feet tall and 5-7 feet wide, and thrives when planted in full sun. The size of Shadow Magic makes it a great choice for large privacy plantings to add structure and wow-factor to the garden.

Shadow Magic Crapemyrtle shrub planted in the landscape

Care Tips

Make sure to visit each varieties plant page for more tips on how to plant and use these new shrubs. Be sure to read through the First Editions® planting and care guide and watch our video on how to plant First Editions® so you set you and your plants up for success! Enjoy, and have fun with all of these amazing plants!