Winter Care & Inspiration 101

It may not seem like it, but winter is a very important time in the garden as it sets the tone for your next season of beautiful blooms and foliage. Taking the proper care to protect your plants will ensure you get enjoyment out of them for many seasons to come. Plus, there are lots of fun ways to plant for winter interest, meaning your garden will be gorgeous year-round.

Check Your Frost Dates

A lot of fall and winter gardening hinges on when the first hard frost will be in your area. Knowing when to stop planting, watering, and when to bring your containers inside are all key things to plan around that frost. Check our our blog on frost dates to get the average frost date for your region.

Red Dogwood against white snow


Overwintering is the process used to protect your plants from the harsher conditions of the winter months. By taking a few simple steps, you can rest easy all winter long know your plants are properly prepared to come back in the spring. Check out our blog for the full scoop on overwintering.

Overwintering Containers

Do you have some gorgeous shrubs in containers that you’d like to keep safe through the winter? Then you’ve come to the right place! Overwintering your containers is a similar process to overwintering plants in the landscape, but there are a few key differences. Check out our blog on container overwintering to learn more.

Snow on the red berries of Autumn Revolution

Have Some Fun in the Snow

We get it. Nobody is thinking about how their garden will look in winter when picking out their new plants each spring. But keeping those colder months in mind can add some much-needed color and texture to a season that can feel dreary. Check out our guide on planting for winter interest to get those wheels in your head turning!

And now you should be all set to prep your garden for winter! If you’re looking for a certain plant to add to your landscape for that winter interest, shop the First Editions® collection online during our shipping season, or use our Find a Retailer tool to locate garden centers near you that carry First Editions® plants.