Fall Leaf DIY Place Cards

Parkland Pillar Birch leaf used as place card with "mom" written on it

Do you need to come up with a Thanksgiving table display or fall dinner party décor in a hurry? These simple fall leaves turned table place cards are just for you! We’ve all been there when the last-minute party rush is at its highest and taking time to add something personal to the décor isn’t always an option. File this quick craft away for those times as it’s seriously quick while also being seriously cute.

What You’ll Need
Step One: Gather Fall Leaves

collected leaves from First Editions Parkland Pillar Birch Tree and Amber Jubilee Ninebark

Thankfully, there is no shortage of multicolored leaves in the fall. Take a quick trip outside to forage for the best-looking leaves to fit with your décor. Maybe it’s the bright yellow leaves of Parkland Pillar® Birch, the stunning dark orange leaves on Amber Jubilee Ninebark, or the bold red leaves of Matador Maple. Whatever you choose, look for leaves that are big enough for names and ones, that when displayed, will lay flat so you can read the writing. The First Editions® collection is full of shrubs and trees that provide amazing fall interest, so whatever leaves you choose will be great.

Step Two: Write Out the Place Cards

Lay out your newly foraged leaves on a table or flat surface. You’ll be using a paint pen, so make sure to place paper towels or newspaper down to protect the surface from any accidental spills or marks. From there, you can have fun writing guests names on the leaves.

Step Three: Display on Your Table

Parkland Pillar Birch Tree place card on table

It won’t take too long for the leaves to dry, and once they are, they’re ready to be placed on the table. Have fun with the placement – maybe it’s on the plate, above the place setting, or added to a fun fold of you napkin. Wherever you chose, these leaf place cards will add an extra special fall look to your fall table.

More DIY Fun with First Editions®

Don’t leave the garden out of your other fall decorations. Fall is a perfect time to bring aspects of the garden inside to help celebrate the season. Create miniature fall arrangements featuring fall favorites like First Editions® Fireside Ninebark, add hydrangeas to the mix with this fall arrangement featuring Endless Summer® BloomStruck® Hydrangeas, and bring festive fall cheer to pumpkins with fall favorite Autumn Revolution Bittersweet. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to share your creations with us by tagging us on @firstedtitionsshrubs on social media. We can’t wait to see how you use First Editions® throughout the season!