Fall Container Design Tips & Ideas

Ready to amp up your fall containers using First Editions®? We talked with award-winning designer, presenter, and author Karen Chapman to see how she approaches designing containers for fall using three easy steps. Before you dive in, take time to review our tips for how to plant First Editions® in containers. Watch this episode of Garden Gab to hear all about Karen’s design approach.

More information on the designs seen in this episode

fall decorative container illustration with First Editions Pumpkin Hypericum and Cool Glow Pomegranate Nandina

This container design uses a traditional fall color scheme to make a bold impact. If you’re looking to build this design in your landscape, plant a hedge of First Editions® Lemon Burst Arborvitae behind this grouping to create a gorgeous fall vignette. To plant this fall decorative container at home, follow this planting guide:

layout of the bold and fiery decorative container design

1. First Editions® Pumpkin Hypericum

2. First Editions® Cool Glow® Pomegranate Nandina

3. Yellowstone Falls heucherella
4. Black mondo grass
5. Dinosaur kale

illustration of a fall decorative container featuring Tianshan seven-son flower

On the other hand, this fall container design uses lighter tones of white, pink, green, and blue to bring elegance to the season. This is a great option to elevate a young Tianshan® Seven-Son Flower. Place this container at a location in your garden where you want to eventually plant Tianshan® to bring interest to the place. When Tianshan® gets larger, transplant it into the landscape and enjoy! To plant this fall decorative container at home, follow this planting guide:

layout of the fall elegance decorative container design

1. Tianshan® Seven-Son Flower

2. Winter Splash wintergreen
3. Silver Falls dichondra

3. Light blue pansies