Plant of the Month: Electric Lights Red Azalea

Azalea AZ 502, developed by the University of Minnesota. Agricultural Experiment Station project #21-055, “Breeding, Evaluation and Selection of Hardy Landscape Plants,” principal Investigator: Stan C. Hokanson, previous P.I. Harold Pellett.

For those of you cold climate gardeners that love the Northern Lights series of azalea, you’re in luck! First Editions® Electric Lights Red Azalea comes from the same breeder, so the cold hardiness and incredible color you trust is back…this time with a red flower! This variety has been tested and is a true zone 4 shrub that does well in full sun or part shade. In spring, it is absolutely covered in true fire engine-red flowers that have that unmistakable azalea fragrance. Electric Lights Red grows in an upright mound, but stays relatively compact with a mature size of 4-5′ tall and 3-4′ wide. Try them in the back of a border planting, especially with other perennials or shrubs that don’t have as much spring color. This new variety will be something you and your friends will talk about all spring, and look forward to all winter long! For more photos and information, click HERE!