Tahiti Hibiscus

Hibiscus syriacus 'Mineru'

Tahiti Hibiscus has textured, vibrant, semi-double flowers that create a massive pop of color in the summer landscape. Deep pink-purple flowers are accentuated with a deep red center, and with the semi-double bloom on a large shrub, Tahiti makes a fantastic focal point in the back of the garden. Blooming from July through September in Zones 5-8, this hibiscus adds a sense of the tropics even to moderate climates.

  • Height


  • Width


  • Exposure

    Full Sun

  • Hardiness Zone


  • Heat Zone


  • Shape


  • Flower Color

    Dark Pink

  • Foliage

    Dark Green

Bonus Attributes

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Caring Tips

  • pruning

    Early Spring

  • watering


  • fertilizing


Watering Distilyium with watering can

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